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Manitoba’s PEDv research supports local industry

This study tested levels of PEDv in the lagoons of 2 Manitoba swine barns that had tested positive for PEDv. Lagoon one had been infected 5 months prior to the beginning of the study and lagoon two had recently been infected. In lagoon one, samples were taken at 12 locations of 3 depths. In lagoon two, samples were taken at 16 locations at 2 depths. Both lagoons were monitored at 3 locations at 3 depths for temperature and pH level. Samples were analyzed for total solids as well as survivability and infectivity of PEDv. Samples of fresh manure from the pits inside the barn were also analyzed to determine the activity level of PEDv before the sites were completely emptied of pigs.

After seven weeks of sampling the first lagoon and four weeks of sampling the second lagoon, PEDv was still present. Four weeks past the last shedding, PEDv was still infective. Data past this time is unavailable, as the lagoon froze over and data collection was no longer possible. This means the infectivity may persist much longer. Producers must communicate effectively and strategize accordingly in order to not spread PEDv.


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